Thursday, July 16, 2009

Post-Con updates!

Big, sloppy welcomes to any newbies who've showed up here as a result of CONvergence traffic, and to the rest of you dandy so-and-sos as well! Now that yours truly's finally managed to shake off this year's strain of Con Plague, some updates are in order.

- Grey Bouquet is now on Twitter! Rejoice, O Internet: you can now read what wonders brew inside the mind of a sightless, voiceless chicken with no sense of hearing. ...Whenever Nugget manages to find the keyboard.

- DeviantArt update! Not able to make it to central Minnesota in time to grab the four GBQ promotional fliers mentioned in the last update? At least you can get a glimpse at the "buildable" picture that came with 'em.

- LOCAL STORE UPDATE! Shoppers at The Source, Magus Books, and Sacred Paths Center [contact info's available in the first blog post] can now pick up THIS stylin' source of skin protection:

* guy not included

Whew. That's it for now! Good game, everyone... let's hit the showers.