Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Woo! Slam your eyeballs against that snazzy new site redesign, eh? Should be 100% ready by later tomorrow, and by that I mean "There'll actually be something nifty that displays for the first few seconds when you first visit the site, instead of it sitting there until it goes to the main site by itself."

No completeness for me just yet, as I've gotta jet offline and pack for when I'm over at the Artist Alley booths at CONvergence in a few hours. Stop by the Sheraton if you're in the Bloomington area this July 1st through the 4th, eh? I should be there with a booth from 10AM-5PM on Thursday, 2-5PM Friday, and 10-11AM on Sat/Sunday. Fliers and business cards are always free! Like sunshine. Or a case of rickets.

Those of you in that neck of the woods, feel honored: New shirts are indeed at hand! They'll be available in the online shop soon after this weekend, but you CONvergence folks get first dibs on the third-ever GBQ shirts! (And tiny folks, we heard you-- there ARE Size Smalls this time around!)

All you non-con fans'll have to make do with this teaser sketch for now. Just the linework with no text, but the base idea is still there... even if it isn't as cool as it could be if you got a REAL shirt, one that shows the full-color FINISHED design. Subtle sales pitch am I, ho hoh.


They're so happy.

So anyhow... yeah! Keep those peepers on this space (not the Livejournal blog; we nuked that one, since both blogs pretty much did the same thing anyway). There's a metric crapton of miscellaneous GBQ sketches I'll be updating with on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, knock on wood.

Catch y'all later, if I catch you at CONvergence!
--Gerbil, head scribble wrangler for GBQ


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sad face goes here.

Well, Nakamacon's over and done with, and thanks to technical difficulties between two different printers, sorry to say, the new shirts still aren't here yet.

Looks like there's a good chance of a Grey Bouquet table appearance at CONvergence in July, though. Trying to hash out possibilities for other con appearances as well.

Did I mention the new postcard design yet? Well, there's that. Not going to jinx that with an arrival date just yet, other than SOON. But while you're here, have a whiff!

It's got an egg motif. WHO COULD IT BE?!