Monday, May 11, 2015

Fourth verse, same as the first.

Ugggghhhhh. [slumps down onto the floor and lays there a while] There's been some... developments. First off! The so-far third artist for the Grey Bouquet picture book has left the project, on account of nabbing their dream job. Good for them! We have absolutely no problem with folks getting to live their dreams. The FOURTH artist, Theo Lorenz, of Unicorns Are Jerks coloring book fame (among many others you should check out) has stepped up to the plate with all speed, and is already seven pages into the 40 page picture book after only a couple months! This artist has a stellar track record of following through on projects, and it's our sincere hope that the Grey Bouquet picture book will be ready to show off in late 2016. In the meantime! We realize that's a super long time for fans to wait, so we've got some sweet, sweet merchandise sales to tide you over until then. If you happen to be stopping by MSP ComicCon (formerly SpringCon) this weekend, there's going to be an unprecedented T-shirt sale going on there, with shirts as low as $5 to $10 a pop! This is ONLY going on during this MSP ComicCon, and these shirts aren't going to be reprinted by our humble doodle wrangler after they sell out, either, so it really is first come, first served deal this Saturday and Sunday! Want to see how the picture book's progressing? Check out the table for Jonathan Goltz, aka Grey Bouquet Designs, and see for yourself! We're sure you'll be as excited as we are, once you see the preview images.