Sunday, October 31, 2010

Amnio's house gives the best candy, 'cause Amnio's parents are the only ones in the neighborhood who know what Halloween is.


Now now, Nugget. It may not be chocolate, but it's good for your gizzard.


More layouts sketched out since last time, too! OooOOOOOOoo scary


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

walk of shame. and cake. mostly cake.

What happened to this week's Monday update? you might well ask. Well, rest assured, this should be the only oops in the GBQ update machine; your humble doodle wrangler was busy turning 30 years closer to dying, as the greeting card goes. Would've had an update right from the birthday party, if the rainstorm that decided to settle over us that night hadn't knocked out the Internet, too.

Enough explainin', though. Have some special-edition "drawn while roaring drunk" birthday update! Just stick it in the microwave a minute, and you'd never know it's stale.



Next Monday for sure: another peep at the picture book layout update chart! More Xs over page numbers equals more good.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back from FallCon, with fresh hellos for all of you first finding your way here because of it! None of those stale, left-on-the-back-porch-overnight hellos. Nope-- nothing but the best for you folks!

Between this con and the Art Crawl last week, your humble doodle wrangler's never been more happily surprised at how many people recognize these wacky Grey Bouquet critters when they walk by, whether they've seen somebody wearing a t-shirt or sent cards out to somebody themselves.

Can't say it enough: no matter how long you may've known Amnio and the gang for, it's an honor and a joy to have been able to meet each and every one of you. Even you. Yes, YOU, sitting right there, blinking and wondering how I can point at you through the computer screen with my mind.

Even if I happen to have an unfortunate-for-conventions knack for forgetting what people's faces look like if they're wearing different clothes than the last time I saw 'em, believe me-- if I come off as distracted or distant at these meet-and-greet events, it's because I'm trying to jog my memory of where I saw you last, NOT because I don't give a damn. If it weren't for nifty folks like you, Grey Bouquet would still been languishing around as sketchbook doodles, and I appreciate your help, enthusiasm, and snickering sounds more with every con I'm at.

Also, to the kid dressed as a skeleton who came by and politely asked if he could have one of the gummi worms, then saw the Amnio "Happiness Is..." shirt and said, "Oh, I'm sorry... I can't look at violent stuff," before excusing himself to the next table: I only wish there was something better I could've given you than a plain ol' gummi worm, 'cause the "d'aww" smile you gave me was worth way more than that.

Also also, to the fella whose mom has the obsession with collecting chickens: I hope the Nugget postcard does its wakeup-call duty well. And I wish I could see her face when she gets it. I really do. :D

So, what better way to celebrate a day of unrepentant comic book nerdery than with a good ol'-fashioned origin story?


Oh, Nugget. You'll never get to an Issue #2 that way!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hey, all! And an extra heapin' spoonful of welcome to those of you dropping in from this weekend's Art Crawl festivities. This week had some exciting news pop up regarding the picture book, which I'm gonna be keeping under my hat until some more solid negotiations get hammered down. You might notice how your humble doodle wrangler is making giddy bounce-up-and-down motions and trying to keep from saying "hee-eee" out loud. Please ignore this for now.

As for what I can talk about, how 'bout the new gag strip up in the main site's Comics section? There's that. It's probably the only time this week you'll see a sockpuppet wearing a sombrero, but I'm not making any promises.

Also, thanks to the on-and-off free time at the Crawl, there's a couple more lines showing up over numbers in the Picture Book Layout Report:



Next on the agenda: FALLCON! It's this Saturday only, 10AM 'till 4PM, at the State Fairgrounds, so make sure you swing by to the Grey Bouquet Designs table while you're there and say hello! Or stare from a distance, then come up and ask questions about the doodle wrangler's 3-D glasses. That works just as well.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

job still kicking my free time's ass

but if you head over to the Nugget Online section on the main site (or Nugget's Twitter feed itself), Nugget's got a bone to pick with his beloved clicky box regarding a certain raccoon kicking his ass. Silly Nugget... Pet doors don't play favorites when it comes to who they let in!

PS: Does this week's update mean Nugget's dead? Undead? Plugged into a stunningly inefficient chicken-only version of the Matrix?

Y'know, I'm not sure. He won't ever tell me.

Glibness aside, I keep thinking of Nugget as just having really, really good luck when it comes to surviving, and godawful horrible luck with everything else.