Monday, December 27, 2010

I got a rock... :(

So after being talked down from the roof by those nice people in the fire truck the other night, it has come to your humble doodle wrangler's attention that I am not actually Santa Claus. Even if I was holding a little sleigh at the time. As well as some other stuff my lawyer tells me it would be in my best interests not to disclose.

Well, live and learn, that's what I say.

Speaking of holiday traditions, here's that time-honored favorite, the zombie snowdog:

Also, Nugget's found his way to the clicky box again, so check out the Twitter feed to catch up on his big city trip. Or, y'know, the Nugget Online section on the main site, if you're some strange kind of Luddite who still goes to websites but just not Twitter, I guess.

(PS: Bad Luddite. That's not how it works.)

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Currently between days 5 and 6 of a week of 8-hours-and-up shifts at the retail job. May or may not be dead right now. Not sure.

But that doesn't give you any excuse! Go look at the new Gag Strip in the main site's Comics section! And know that, in this holiday season, I am thinking about all of you. Each and every one of you.

For you see, I am...


no wait


I think


So everybody shh, now. Let's keep this info on the down-low here. We jolly? Cool.

Monday, December 13, 2010

what's that on the horizon? Could it be PART TWO OF SERIES BIBLE NOTES?

oh jeez you guys I think it's headed this way



One more thing on Amnio:
* He doesn't grow up (as in, into a teenager/adult). When they made him, his parents understood the concept that humans/families had children, but not that humans actually aged over time

* A mermaid-sockpuppet who sparkles faintly, and can float (swim through the air?) when she wants to, which is pretty much all the time
* Wanted to see the human world, but could only come back to her home in the Diamond Fields (a nearby dimension humans used to go when they were hallucinating) when she convinced 1000 humans she wasn't just a figment of their imagination. Was about to convince her thousandth human when the Apocalypse hit, and is now stuck in the Afterworld
* Has no knowledge that Amnio's parents are the ones who've indirectly stranded her where she is, and is friends with Amnio because he understands what she's saying; the only thing she says is "bumblemuffins"
* Is motivated almost entirely by whim. She's not happy she doesn't know any way to get back to her home, but the Afterworld is enough of a change of pace from the Diamond Fields to keep her occupied and content for the time being, so she's not too troubled by her predicament
* Has met many critters/characters before Amnio's heard of them, even if she couldn't talk to them
* Hangs out with Mister Bitch and Nugget mostly just because Amnio does; Amnio's ability to speak with anyone doesn't extend to her, so Nugget is (to her) a mute who smells bad, makes nauseating sounds, and runs around a lot. She occasionally messes with Nugget when Amnio's not around, and doesn't feel guilty about it; she views most others as casual playthings
* She DOES have a heart for the few stuffed animals in the Afterworld who were loved enough to give them sentience, only to have their humans disappear. She can hear these abandoned toys, feeling sympathy for anyone who's only had one or two people think they were real, and seeks them out, to gather them together in a safe basement she calls the Velveteen Underground (a name that nobody gets but her)
* Is the only one of the cast who can see in color
* Isn't harmed by radiation/fire/temperature; doesn't need to eat/drink/breathe
* Smells like gummi worms
* Has an extensive hat collection, nabbed after the humans were gone. She makes sure Nugget doesn't know about it, because she doesn't want him trying everything on and stinking them all up. She prefers her fez, so that's usually the only hat she wears
* Has 41 brothers and sisters, all of whom look exactly like her (minus the fez). This is one of the reasons she's not in a hurry to get home. There's not many places in the Diamond Fields where she can be described as "unique," and she at least likes to be thought of as such
* She doesn't know it, but there IS a way to get to the Diamond Fields from the Afterworld. There's an amusement park out there somewhere with a teacup ride that'll send you over if you ride it, though it'll make you throw up (rainbows). Riddlyn doesn't like to barf, so it's uncertain whether she'd take the opportunity if she knew about it

* Amnio's pet ex-poodle, killed off by radiation poisoning six days after Amnio brought him home, and re-animated by pure loyalty
* To Riddlyn/anyone else who sees in color, Mister Bitch's fur fluff is a pastel pinkish-purple
* His bones can be disassembled and re-attached, provided it doesn't get TOO gruesome (whole limbs/tail, nothing partial like eyes or teeth). Kinda like a bone LEGO dog
* Has no real motivations besides making sure Amnio is safe, and to eat food-- not for survival, more a hazy instinct that he remembers if food's nearby. Any food he finds just falls through his ribs, though Nugget's getting really tired of it by now
* Can still drool, and does so. Copiously. Sometimes when there's no food around to drool over
* His name came from Amnio listening to some gangsta rap CDs he'd found. Having no context to go by, he took a "bitch" to mean "somebody who's fun to have around"
* As he's already dead, isn't troubled by radiation anymore, though if he's close enough to a bomb blast, he'll get his fur burned off (it'll grow back to normal(, and the blast force'll scatter him around a ways. It doesn't faze him any. And, yes, he's been near enough to some of Amnio's more well-armed playtimes to be blasted bald a few times
* Can tell exactly where Amnio is at all times, and if he's safe or not. This is good for the very few times Amnio's ties to his parents isn't enough to keep him out of danger. Downside: it's pointless to try playing hide and seek with him

Hm. Sure is a whole lot of information about how everybody reacts to getting blown up, isn't there? This calls for a sketch...


There! Facts you can carry around in your wallet, in case anybody quizzes you. Don't anyone say this site doesn't deliver.

...What's that? Something about 'I promised a comic about Amnio's mom'? Sigh. Well, kids, think of this as like when you asked Santa for a pony for the holidays, and instead, he got you a Turbo-Graphx 16, or whatever it is kids are disappointed in nowadays. Sure, it wasn't a pony, but eventually you found out IT PLAYED "SPLATTERHOUSE." THAT TURNED OUT TO BE AWESOME if you could get past the first level of the game without dying.

What? Nobody here played Splatterhouse when they were a kid?

Tch. I don't know you people anymore.

Monday, December 6, 2010

this brief entry brought to you by the Suckerpunched By This Week Foundation

New gag strip's up in the main site's Comics section! Also the first-ever strip done entirely in Photoshop. Not one dead tree involved. TASTES LIKE FUTURE. (though for serious I think I'll stick with mostly drawing them by hand, 'cause dang, look at all that blank space I wasn't sure how to detail.)

Also, The Source is having a big sale event soon, Saturday the 18th. Grey Bouquet merch AND free caffeine, folks! Mark those calendars now!

Next Monday? Amnio's mom and her unique gardening methods. Or her pet. Not sure which yet, but she'll definitely be in there. More series-production-manual stuff typed out for you, too.

...insert awkward closing "Yup." here