Monday, May 20, 2013

post-SpringCon 2013 update!

Hey all! S'been a while.

Figure I should update to let folks know why nothing's been happening with this series since the T-shirts and greeting cards. There're a few reasons, actually.

1.) For the past year and a half, I've been putting most of my efforts into an autobiographical webcomic called Cordyceps Tickles!. I work full-time, too, so time's kinda tight for creative stuff.

2.) There is going to be a Grey Bouquet picture book (the script's been finished for a couple years now), but I've gone through three different artists so far, trying to find one that both (a) brings a super good creepy-cute style to the project, and (b) doesn't disappear-- which is why the first artist and I had to part ways, no matter how cool the four pages of art I got in over a year ended up looking.

3.) The current artist (who's presently 14 of 40 pages in) is really really busy with other projects as well, and I don't mind the slower pace if it's going to mean the book will have artwork that's this good (no, the watermarks won't be on 'em, you sillies):

pg35 photo 75c0f7b2-33e7-46a9-a186-9f6f6c218893_zpsde66884d.jpg

pg40 photo 35f5a763-4991-4dac-92d4-03f2a6d53c8f_zps68e23cb3.jpg

See what I mean? And that's without any text yet!

So. Thanks to all of you who've been hanging in there to hear from the Grey Bouquet bunch-- supporting the merchandise, stopping by to chat at conventions... Great big Innernet hugs for each and every one of you. I mean it. You've been awesome already, which is why I wish I could tell you the picture book will be out before 2014 at the earliest. 'Cause it probably won't.

But when it is, I'll let you all know.